Software Development


From concept to code, development to deployment, FIS has experience providing custom IT solutions that accelerate workflows, optimize operations and boost revenues.

Whether you’re looking to customize our RHODES applications to fit your business, to develop a new app for your business or improve your existing software environment, we offer the right software development services you require.

We own comprehensive experience in outsourcing development, including back-end and front-end development. Our suggested solution will develop to fit with specific project's requirements as well as strengthen business' technology ecosystem.

What we develop ?

Cloud-based applications
Saas applications
E-commerce solutions
Progressive web apps
Single-page apps
Attractive and responsive websites

Our Expertise

FIS experts help envision, plan, and execute the journey to IT excellence for sustainable business advantages.
We help you transform your business so that it is prepared for the newest challenges in the industry.

Backend Devlopment
.NET Core
PHP & PHP Laravel
Microsoft SQL Server
Frontend Development

Mobile Development

We brings you closer to your customers at the right time and the right place. We offer a full cycle of mobile application design, integration and management services.
Our team is experienced with various different mobile technologies and can help you choose the right tech stack for your specific project needs. They will help you to launch excellent iOS apps and Android apps in no time. We offer comprehensive post-launch care to ensure your app can grow as your user base expands.


UX & UI Design

User experience is a critical factor that can make or break your project. We believe that front-end development strategy and UX need to support your business purpose, branding and fulfill customer needs to fully serve the product’s purpose itself. Our team will guide you through the entire process of ideating, validating and designing your product from scratch. Our user experience team are involved in each project to ensure its success. We offer research, workshops, wireframing prototyping and testing to make sure your product is a perfect market fit. We pay attention to detail and focus on solutions that stand out from the crowd

Business Analysis

Business analysis is the discipline of identifying business needs, reviewing them, and finding solutions to various business-related problems. This process is also understood as a set of techniques and tasks that work as a link to stakeholders, helping them understand the organization’s overall structure, as well as operation and general policies

Our business analysts can ensure that what you want is what you actually need and make sure the end product meets those needs. Their responsibilities go beyond the traditional role of requirements gathering. They will guide you through the entire process of software development and at the end they will help you to find technical solutions that enable your business to achieve its goals.

Dedicated Development Team

This model of outsourcing, will suit your needs if you need an additional development forces to join your project teams. We help you to scale your development capacity with experts dedicated and self managed developers with reduced costs and without the hustle of recruitment and management.

When assigning a dedicated team to your project, take care of its integration, motivation and management, while you retain ownership over the whole project and control the overall project progress.

IT Consultation

We help you navigate constantly changing and complex ecosystems with our IT consultation services.
Our company offer a full lifecycle, end-to-end management, and support approach, delivered through our powerful IT consulting services. Our IT consulting services cover multiple dimensions, taking you on a complete journey from strategy discovery through to delivery of technologies and services. Our team can offer consulting Services on the below:

Digital Transformation

Our experts will help you progress and create value in the digital age by solving complex business problems. The major challenge in the digital tranformation process is that delivering customer-centric, employee-driven experiences requires appropriate and purposeful digital transformation strategic initiatives.
We support you in changing the mind-sets of your people, and through our digital transformation consulting services, we can help you using new ways of working through better-enabled technology, processes and systems. We will help your organization unlock the innovative power of applied intelligence from data, cognitive technologies, and digitalization; ensuring great experiences and improved operational efficiency.